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Island Tradesman was born from the need to find quality Jamaican tradesmen and quality management of projects.  


We understand the pains that customers experience with inexperienced tradesmen, who provide less than perfect workmanship and then disappear; or tradesmen who outright does not complete their jobs; or the customer who lives overseas, hires a contractor who does not supervise the workers resulting in them not getting what was requested.


Why use Island Tradesman?

We consider ourself as Project Managers, coordinating the touch points of the project and managing the people involved.  We sub-contract experienced tradesmen, whose work has been seen and approved in projects we undertake.  Their attitude, knowledge and professionalism are paramount to our delivery of service. Project times and costs are estimated and held, as well as we take responsibility for any faulty workmanship. We also handle material purchasing.  And most important, we pride ourselves in full communication with our customers. 

That means you the customer can relax, knowing that your projects are being managed and executed in a professional way.

"When I moved to another parish some years ago, I did not know where to turn to find a reliable carpenter, electrician or handyman. Friends were reluctant to refer persons they knew! I eventually got a good referral. and it occurred to me that Jamaica needs a business that specializes in knowledgeable professional tradesmen. Having not seen one, even a decade after, I decided to start this business."  ~ Wendy Lee, October 2015

When you call Island Tradesman, you not only get a tradesman, but you also get Island Tradesman acting as an administrative assistant, coordinating appointments, updating you if delays are imminent, and generally adding an extra layer of customer service, ensuring your satisfaction. Our customers know that they can depend on us for communicating whatever needs to be known.


We understand that purchasing can be a confusing exercise.  Materials usually are sourced from many different locations, and if you are not familiar with what is to be purchased, it can be a challenge.  You may optionally have us purchase and organize delivery to your location. 


An important role we fill is being the communicator between tradesmen and customers. You explain your needs, discuss solutions with us and we communicate that to the various tradesmen.  


We bill you the customer, and internally pay the tradesman.  Detailed Estimates and Invoices are prepared for every transaction.

We offer:

  • A wide range of Home and Building Installation & Maintenance services.  Click here to see the list.

  • We provide assessments and quotes for all small tasks.

  • We design, plan and manage your projects (example bathroom renovation, interior/exterior painting)

  • Our quotes are provided in a timely manner.

  • Payment options are Cash or Bank Transfer

  • A satisfaction guarantee is offered to all customers.  If you are dissatisfied with the service within two weeks of completion, we will return to fix the problem (time varies depending on the job).




With a background in Information Services and two previous small businesses, Wendy gathered all the experience she needed for this role.  Her strength in managing tradesmen and customers' expectations has created many success stories in this business.

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