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Island Tradesman is looking for two (2) vibrant young persons to work as full time Sales & Marketing staff. You have the freedom of working from home, but that requires greater discipline. You will be pushed to your limits, but there is much you will learn.  If that sounds like you, read on!


You will be following up Tradesman leads, interviewing and recording their information for business use.  You will be required to respond to queries and staff will be required to undertake Marketing tasks such as planning Social Media postings, attending outdoor activities and creating marketing strategies.

Successful candidates work from home and therefore need reliable internet services.  You must be disciplined to work on your own                                         initiative, reporting to the Managing Director on a weekly basis. Remuneration ties into meeting targets.


Minimum Qualifications

  1. Four CXC passes including Math Grade II and English Grade II

  2. Sales & Marketing experience a bonus.



  1. Excellent communication (oral and writing) skills

  2. Excellent work ethic

  3. Computer Literate

  4. Working knowledge of Excel and Word software


Tools Needed

  1. Access to consistent Internet connection

Respond to     Email:

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